Project Approved by RERA, Punjab Bearing Registration Certificate PBRERA-ASR02-PR0361 | Building Plans Sanctioned by Municipal Corporation Amritsar, Punjab | Environmental Clearance Identification No. EC22B038PB139465 dated 13th July 2022 issued by SEIAA, Ministry of Environment, Forest And Climate Change, Government of India | Structure Approved by Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, Uttarakhand

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Mission and Vision

Our Mission
It's our mission... to design, build and market residential and commercial complexes of international quality. We at, ATM Estates Pvt. Ltd., wish to leave no stone unturned to ful fill the dreams of our customers in India & Overseas. Be it residence, recreation, office or shopping, we want to be present in every sphere of your life, enriching the way you live. We are committed to achieving new landmarks in property development - in India.
Our Vision
To build entrepreneurial organizations that make a difference to society through creation of value.
Values of ATM Estates Pvt. Ltd
  •  To bank on superb teamwork and relationships.
  •  To respect all the individuals
  •  To have social responsibility on the priority list
  •  To deliver what is promised
  •  To learn through experience
Objectives of the ATM Estates Pvt. Ltd
  •  To be driven by the need in the market
  •  To be innovative pertaining to the development
  •  To be focused on the quality standards
  •  To assess and monitor the progress frequently
  •  To be follow ethical and fair trade practices
Values & Beliefs

Humility (Gandhi) Entrepreneurship (Henry Ford)
We value intellectual modesty and dislike false pride and arrogance We seek opportunities they are everywhere
Teamwork and Relationships (Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay) Deliver the promise (Abraham Lincoln)
Going beyond the individual encouraging boundary less behavior We value a deep sense of responsibility and self discipline, to meet and surpass on commitments made
Learning (Albert Einstein) Social responsibility (Mother Teresa)
Nurturing active curiosity - to question, share, and improve Anticipating and meeting relevant and emerging needs of society
Respect for individual (Martin Luther King)
We will treat others with dignity, sensitivity and honor